Gabart Faces Rough Ride On The Pacific

Francois Gabart’s world record around the world single handed attempt is facing a lot of hurdles and obstruction. He is skippering the 30-meter MACIF trimaran and is now in the Pacific. It was extreme winds and crooked courses that awaited him in the Pacific. He is still on course to win the world record as he remains about 559.81 nautical miles ahead till date. He has covered 638.3 nautical miles in the last 24 hours.

He has now traversed half of the around the world trip and had to face an iceberg right at the halfway mark. Gabart said that it was an emotionally charged situation when he had to encounter an iceberg. He had crossed the imaginary dateline and the time changed from 27th November 23:59 to November 27th, 00:00 and felt like he had not moved an inch at all for a day.
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